TaWichita General Meeting Minutes Summary– February 24, 2013


-          Since November 2011 Tawichita has been running without elected leaders.

-          Ex – com has requested Rahma Kahelo to be a president till September 2013. Ex-com will assist Rahma on leading, because TaWichita don’t have any other leaders.

-          Tawichita still looking for more leaders. The following positions are still open: - Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

-          Rahma na Subira will also continue to be treasurer till when someone else will be available to take the position.

-          As of February 24, 2013 Ronald Maingu na Subira Mabuba are Tawichita bank signatory. Ex –Com has requested Ronald Maingu to transfer his signatory to Rahma Kahelo

Membership Fees:-

-          General Meeting has approved to change Tawichita annual fee to be 60 dollar per single and 100 dollar per family, starting year 2013.

-          Annual fee must be paid by January 31st for each year starting 2014 to make a member, an active member with all benefits. For 2013, membership due date is March 31st, 2013.

-          If membership fee paid after due date, member must pay current year fee and next year fee, unless member has a prior arrangement which was approved by Ex-com and other Tawichita Leaders.

-          You must be active member for two consecutive years to receive all benefits. If you miss one payment, you lose all benefits which require two years active membership, but you will still be an active member. All Tawichita Active members will start counting year 2013 as the first year.

Active Member Benefits (must be active member for two consecutive years, starting 2013)

-          Member can do all non-business announcements through emails, text or web for free.

-          For the death of immediate family member (parent(s)), spouse, child, and children), member will receive 15% of all available money in the bank (up to 10,000 available in the bank). If the bank has more than 10,000, member will receive 15% of 10,000, which is 1500.

-          If members has life disasters, examples (just to name few), fire, lose job or cannot work because of long term sickness and immigration issues. Will get 5% of the money in TaWichita bank (one time). All these issues must be evaluated by leaders. Please note immigration issues covered will not include domestic violence, DUI, or extended warranties, or any similar to these.

-          If one member of the family admitted in the hospital for three days or more, leaders and active members will do fundraising to assist the person. Member who needs this kind of help must contact leaders and ask for assistance (means member must be willing to be assisted), member has option to deny this kind of assistance. Leaders will ask the member if TaWichita can assist on the issue.

-          Member can view bank statement anytime they want. Member need to get login on TaWichita website.

-          Member can get supportive/reference letter for free from TaWichita if needed.

-          For the death of sister or brother member will receive 5% of the money available in the bank (up to 10,000). If the bank account has more than 10,000, member will receive 5% which is 500.

-          Leaders will receive 10% of all money available in the bank by December 31 of each year, and divide equal to all active leaders by December 31st. All leaders means President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Website administrator. The money will be approved /supervised and divided equally to leaders by Ex-com.

     Non Active Member benefit

-          Death announcement will be for free, this do not include fundraising for death activities (example burial service).

-          Any fundraising involving TaWichita, 15% of the money raised, will be deposit in TaWichita Bank Account.

-          Any other announcements (non business), will be charged. The fees for announcement will be determined depending on the type of announcement.

-          Can get supportive/reference letter from TaWichita if needed, but first must join TaWichita (pay membership fee for current year), then must pay 25 dollar for the later.

The following have been Approved to change /Add on constitution

-          Family member (kid) above 18 years must be separate TaWichita Active member.

-          Each year membership fee due date is January 31st.

-          Some benefits will be evaluated by Ex-Com before the member can receive benefits.

-          Every year TaWichita Leaders must to do at least two activities. Example TaWichita Day and TaWichita Watoto day or Uhuru day or any other.

-          Leaders will meet anytime when emergency arises; will meet either by text, phone, or conference call.

-          It is mandatory to provide update for any fundraising involving Tawichita for active member or non-active member.

-          Any fundraising involve TaWichita, treasurer will keep the money, books, control all transactions and will provide updates.

-          All benefits for active and non-active member explained above.

-          All Membership Fees explained above.

Suggested Activities for 2013 - suggested by Ex-Com, was not approved by general meeting on February 24, 2013

-          Watoto day – on summer 2013 – date to be announced later

  1. a)Active member for year 2013 – will buy a ticket for 5 dollar per kid above one year. The fee was not approved.
  2. b)Non Active member for year 2013- will buy a ticket for 10 dollars per head.
  3. c)If Active member or non-active member didn’t buy a ticket before watoto day and decide to pay at the door. Active member will pay an extra 10 dollar per kid (total 15 dollar per kid) and non-active member will pay an extra 10 dollar per head (total 20 dollar per head)..

-          TaWichita Day- waiting for more suggestion on this.

-          Leaders to find out more information about life insurance, provided by Tanzanian government for Tanzanian who live outside Tanzania.