Friday, 21 February 2014 20:20

TaWichita Elections 2013. Meeting Dec 14

You are invited to TaWichita year end meeting on December 14th at 5pm which will be held at a club house of 6602 East Harry (Brentwood appartment). Agenda will be posted soon, snacks and soft drinks will be provided. You are all welcome and please let other people know

Friday, 21 February 2014 20:19


TaWichita inapenda kuwatumia salam za Christmas na mwaka mpya kwa wanajumuiya wote. Tunamshukuru mwenyezi mungu kwa kutuwezesha kufika hapa tulipo, kusherehekea siku ya kuzaliwa yesu kristo na mwaka mpya. Kwa wanaosafiri tunawatakia safari njema na hii hali ya hewa wafike salama, wengine wote tunawatakia heri na baraka njema katika kipindi hiki cha sikukuu.

Friday, 21 February 2014 20:17

TaWichita 2014 Membership


During Dec 14, 2013 meeting we were able to pick and vote for leaders on the spot.
Here is the list of TaWichita leaders and their contact information in case you have question, concern or idea don't hesitate to contact.

  1. President - Rahma Kahelo
  2. Vice President - Iddi Ligongo
  3. Secretary - Erick Nyimbo
  4. Treasurer - Radhia Diwani

We discussed Member benefits and fee as follows, to be eligible for benefits you will need to be active member for two consecutive years.
Membership Fee for a single person is $60 per year and $100 for a family per year.
 All fees are due on January 31st. Please visit for more information.
To avoid penalties please make your payment before January 31st.
You can pay your membership fee by:
1. Cash or Check directly to any TaWichita leader
2. PayPal
3. Bank deposit. (any branch of Meritrust Bank)
We wish you all the best on the year 2014.

Teleconference 712-432-1500 Pin 465228#

Jumuiya zote za Watanzania waishio Marekani zimeamua kuwa Alhamisi tarehe 13 Februari 2014 saa Moja usiku kwa saa za Kansas kutakuwa na teleconference ya Watazania wote kujadili changamoto zetu hasa suala la uraia pacha. Wote mnakaribishwa kushiriki. Ili uweze kushiriki teleconference hii unaombwa siku ya Alhamisi saa mbili usiku upige namba ifuatayo 712-432-1500 na baadaye ingiza pin namba hii 465228# na utaweza kujumuika na Watanzania wenzako kutoka Marekani nzima katika kujadili changamoto zetu ili ziweze kupelekwa Bungeni.

Wote mnakaribishwa.

Do you want to Participate in the DICOTA 2014 Convention Preparations?

DICOTA would love your input as we prepare for the DICOTA 2014 Convention in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina (Oct 2-5). The following link takes you to a brief, 3-minute survey, where you can share your ideas for topics and/or presenters to be included in the Convention program.

The deadline for this survey is this coming Friday night, February 14th, 2014. So now is the time!
Karibuni na asanteni.

A note from our President

Its not too late to Renew or Start TaWichita Membership. Three easy ways to Join or Renew today

1. Cash or Check directly to any TaWichita leader
2. PayPal
3. Bank deposit. (any branch of Meritrust Bank)

— TaWichita
Monday, 10 February 2014 22:52

10 Winter Coats That Olivia Pope Would Wear Featured

Say what you want about Olivia Pope’s romantic choices and non-existent work/life balance, she is a genius at choosing impeccable outerwear. Her exquisite coats make a statement as powerful as her signature walk and stance. One look at her Dior swing houndstooth coat or Burberry white coat, and you know she means business.

Even if you don’t run a high-powered crisis management firm, every woman needs a sharp and polished coat in their winter wardrobe.

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