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18 October 2016 In Immigration 0 comment

October 3, 2016
Court to Rescind Class Members’ Detainers, Nullifying Centerpiece of ICE’s Priority Enforcement Program (PEP)

CHICAGO – The federal district court of the Northern District of Illinois has invalidated the federal government’s practice of issuing detainers against people in law enforcement custody, ruling that the practice exceeds the government’s limited warrantless arrest authority under federal immigration laws. The decision, issued Friday evening, will nullify thousands of detainers issued out of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Chicago Field Office to law enforcement in Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Wisconsin, as well as some detainers sent to law enforcement in 24 other states.

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18 October 2016 In Immigration 0 comment

Effective October 5, 2016, USCIS has increased the validity period for initial or renewal Employment Authorization Documents for asylum applicants from one year to two years. Applicants with pending asylum claims file Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization under category (c)(8). This change applies to all (c)(8)-based applications that are pending as of October 5, 2016 and all such applications filed on or after October 5, 2016.

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15 October 2016 In Blog 0 comment

With sadness and regrets we announce death of Mr Emmanuel Emilio Moyo that happened
in Dar Es Salaam - Tanzania. Mr Moyo is the father of Erasto Moyo, Elizabeth Moyo and Neema Moyo.

Neema is expecting to travel as soon as the logistics complete, in the mean time you are encouraged
to visit and pray at with her at this time of sorrow.

The home address is:

3915 W. 11th St N,
Wichita KS 67203.

We will continue with updates as we receives more information.

Thank you,

05 October 2016 In TaWichita 0 comment

With sadness we are regretting to announce the death of Atubwene Kaliku the mother of Daudi Mimbi, which happened on Monday October 3rd in Mbeya- Tanzania.

Daudi left today to attend the funeral of his beloved mother, but his sister Grace is here, she needs your encouragements and prayers at this time of sorrow.

The prayer is scheduled for Friday October 7th at 8PM at:

1465 S. Shiloh CT,
Wichita 67207.

Contact Richard Mfuko at 316 519 0140 for more information.

As our customs; ladies please bring a dish and gents bring drinks.

Thank you,

09 September 2016 In Blog 0 comment

NORWALK, Conn. -- Lunda Asmani joined others in remembering the 9/11 terror attacks in a memorial service in front of Norwalk City Hall.

He's just four weeks into his new job as the city's director of management and budgets after moving from Newton, Kan., and vividly remembers the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

"(I was) was so many miles away at the time from New York in Kansas, but it was just a national tragedy," Asmani said.

He moved to the United States in 1998 from his native Tanzania to do graduate work at Wichita State and was working as an intern with a county government in 2001. Asmani and other interns were assigned to work with elementary school children in the county to help them create a mural of their art work in the weeks after the attacks.

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29 August 2016 In Blog 0 comment

Salaam..ndugu yetu Sadiq na abdul Nkurumbih wamefiwa na baba yao...Inna lillahy wainna ilayh rajioon.. may Allah shower his soul with mercy and grant him highest place in paradise..msiba uko nyumbani Kwake Wanategemea kuondoka Leo kwa ajili ya mazishi.

7122 W O'Neil
Wichita, Kansas 67212

Will send updates as received.

Thank you, 

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31 January 2016 In Immigration 0 comment

The U.S. Supreme Court agreed Tuesday to take up the Obama administration's proposed new immigration plan that could shield more than four million people from deportation. Read More...



31 January 2016 In Immigration 0 comment


31 January 2016 In Immigration 0 comment

It just became much more likely that the president will get his immigration plan reviewed by the justices.

WASHINGTON -- It looks like President Barack Obama may get a chance to defend his immigration policies in court before he leaves office.

The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday granted a request from the federal government that essentially secures timely consideration of Obama's executive actions on immigration -- raising the likelihood that the justices will hear the case in the spring and decide it by the end of June, when their current term ends.

Since the administration filed its appeal of the case to the Supreme Court in late November, Texas and U.S. Solicitor General Donald Verrilli had been embroiled in a procedural tussle over timing. Texas, the lead plaintiff in 26 states' suit against the executive actions Obama announced last year, had been seeking to delay consideration of the appeal, while Verrilli argued that a delay was unwarranted.

Supreme Court clerk Scott Harris said Tuesday in a notice to lawyers for the parties that Texas would have until Dec. 29 to respond to the administration's appeal. This effectively puts the dispute on track to be considered at the justices' Jan. 15, 2016, conference.

If the court agrees to hear the case following the conference, its rules would allow briefing to take place in February and March and oral arguments in April. A ruling would likely come down in June -- several months before the presidential election.

Last week, Texas had requested a 30-day extension to respond to the appeal, contending that it had "numerous pressing deadlines in other cases" -- including a hearing in a major voting rights case set for December. In a letter to the court clerk filed the next day, Verrilli opposed Texas' request and urged the Supreme Court to proceed in its "ordinary course."

"A filing on the proposed date would preclude the Court, in the absence of unusual expedition, from deciding to hear the case this Term," Verrilli wrote.

The back-and-forth was largely administrative -- even academic. Parties before the Supreme Court rarely fight over scheduling issues this early in the life of an appeal. More often than not, the court simply grants these mundane extension requests as a matter of course.

But because the political implications of the case are significant, Texas' request was largely viewed as an attempt to game the clock -- and possibly prevent the Supreme Court from hearing the case before the end of the current administration.

The Supreme Court will be hearing its share of controversial cases ahead of the 2016 presidential election -- on abortion, affirmative action, public-sector unions, voting rights and religious challenges to contraceptive coverage under the Affordable Care Act. But none of these cases are likely to impact Obama's legacy as much as the fate of his deportation relief programs, which have been in limbo for more than a year since he first announced them.

With Tuesday's move, the justices seem poised to end the uncertainty sooner rather than later.

On Nov. 20, 2014, the president unveiled the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents, or DAPA, aimed at protecting undocumented immigrant parents from the threat of deportation and providing them with temporary work authorization.

In the same order, Obama expanded the 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, which bestows similar benefits on undocumented students brought to the U.S. as children.

Shortly before DAPA and DACA were rolled out, Texas and 25 other states sued the Obama administration and sought to block both programs, claiming they exceeded the president's constitutional authority.

A federal judge halted the programs in February, spurring a lengthy appeals battle and leaving more than 4 million potential beneficiaries in the lurch. Earlier this month, an appeals court kept both DAPA and DACA on hold.

From the beginning, the Obama administration has insisted that the immigration plan is well within its constitutional prerogatives and in line with deportation deferrals other presidents have granted.

As is often the case, the Supreme Court will have the last word.


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