13 February 2019

The holiday season is over and most of us, if not all, are back to normal schedules again. It has been a
while since you last heard from your leadership. This is not normal, and we apologize. However, we
thought we should give everyone time to cool off after the end-of-year holidays and the January
hardships. So please, welcome back to the reality again!
On December 9th, 2018, among other things, we talked about getting the website back up, and giving
you info on membership fee for 2019. We are now pleased to inform you of the following:
1. The Website is now back up and running. In fact, you may read this message on the website.
2. Membership fee for 2019:
2.1. Fees are the same as last year: $60 for single and $100 for family. Payment period is normally
January to March. Kindly, we advise you to pay your membership fee before end of March
2.2. You can pay your membership fee in on of the five ways outlined below.
2.2.1.Cash. Hand it to any Tawichita Leader and get a receipt.
2.2.2.Check. Hand it to any Tawichita Leader and get a receipt, or mail it to Tawichita, P.O. Box
782142, Wichita, KS Zip 67278. You will get a receipt too.
2.2.3.CashApp to our Treasurer.
2.2.4.PayPal: Go to www.tawichita.org. Click on “RESOURCES”, choose “Membership
Join/Renew”. Choose the amount and click on “Pay Now” It will open up a PayPal page.
Login with your credentials and finalize the payment. If you do not have a PayPal account,
click on “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” link at the bottom, and proceed to make your
2.2.5.Direct deposite to Tawichita Bank Account. Meritrust Credit Union, Account Number
account name: Tanzania Association of Wichita

3. Bank balance. We inherited some amount from the old leadership. We want to make this open to all
members, but since this message is going to be on the website, we will post this on WhatsApp group
later on.
4. Our mega plan: We are planning to work on two things next month. We will need your help on both.
If we reach out to you, please, try to help where and when you can. We believe that if everyone of
you take a small responsibility, we will achieve big results as an organization. So very much rely on
your contribution. The two things that we will focus on in February are:
4.1. Recruiting new members: We need to reach out the old and prospective members and work
with them towards becoming full and active members. Volunteers will be much appreciated.
4.2. Building a list of Tawichita events and an annual timetable: We need to populate a list of events
and schedule them for the whole year. This may need a permanent committee, so we ask you
to volunteer to work on this committee.
5. General meeting: We are planning to hold a general meeting as soon as the cold weather dies out.
Please, start giving out ideas on the agenda, style of the meeting, etc. We are open to ideas. It is
your meeting, so feel free to shape it in any way.

29 January 2018


Membership Fee for a single person is $60 per year and $100 for a family per year.
 All fees are due on March 1st. 
To avoid penalties please make your payment before March 1st.
You can pay your membership fee by:
1. Cash or Check directly to any TaWichita leader
2. PayPal
3. Bank deposit. (any branch of Meritrust Bank)


06 October 2017


TaWichita Watoto Day 2017
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