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Dual Citizenship Survey Summary

Dual Citizenship Survey Summary
Q1. What are the benefits or advantages of having dual citizenship to Tanzanian Diasporans living abroad (outside Tanzania)?

  • Retain their TZ citizenship, voting rights, investment in Land and other socio-economic sectors, technology transfer and reverse brain Drain and hence contribute to the economy of Tanzania in all aspects of development, as well as International businesses and entrepreneurships.
  • Access to all privileges reserved for citizens in countries, benefit from social and economic values, work and educational opportunities in the two countries, able to compete for business and job opportunity equally like other fellow citizen in either of the country. And in doing so will enable the sharing skills and knowledge with other professionals in both countries and hence a win-win situation.
  • My financial wealth will stay in Tanzania and will contribute towards the economy of my beloved country. Will encourage Tanzanians living abroad to invest more and more in terms of finances, by acquiring loans and invest in Tanzania.
  • Children will have advantage of learning both cultures – a sense of belonging to both countries. As global citizens, we should be able to positively support and make an impact to the world regardless of what country we belong to.
  • Tanzania is our home. We love it and cherish it. We aspire to work hard to develop our country because that is where we came from and belong. We are here to make a living in this global economy just like other nations who go to Tanzania to seek opportunity and some of them are naturalized as citizens of Tanzania. Dual citizenship allows keeping my birthright and bondage to my ancestors.
  • Dual citizenship is not about advantages or disadvantages (whether economic or social). It is about the reality of fading national boundaries in life pursuits in this increasingly global economy. Entrenching and allowing dual citizenship to nationals in the Tanzanian constitution is right and necessary for a country which is well known for its faithful execution of the principles of justice and equality for all.
  • Access to financial institutions in the US to fund some venture projects in Tanzania. As a permanent resident (non citizen) I have limited access to financial institutions with funding capabilities for projects outside the US. Having a dual citizenship will allow access to such funding opportunities and be able to implement projects in Tanzania. Will motivate the assurance that the investments are safe in either country.
  • Easy to travel between two countries and a sense of belonging to both countries.
  • Acceleration of knowledge transfer between the countries, advancement in science, engineering and technology. • Get freedom of becoming US citizens, thus opening up more opportunities to get high paying jobs and government contracts and expand benefits to other Tanzanian in the Diaspora network


Q2. What are the benefits or advantages of having dual citizenship to Tanzania or to Tanzanians living at home?

  • Access to labor market, capital and market knowledge – Level plain field for opportunities.
  • The investment opportunity and the experience we bring to our birth country is an added asset to the country and people of Tanzania. Can help our people in negotiating trading and investment deals, to ensure first the interests of Tanzanians are protected.
  • Economic and employment growth. International exposure, business competitive advantage worldwide.
  • Tanzanians will be able to partner with other Tanzanians who are also having citizenship of another country to use resources from both economies to develop themselves and hence their countries.
  • Improved infrastructure and knowledge transfer in all work of life. Taping good work ethics and best practices to Tanzania from other country.
  • Most of the developed countries fund projects in developing country through their citizens, then it may be easier for Tanzanian American to execute an American Project in Tanzania for the purpose of developing the country.
  • Ease access and opportunity to visit their family, relatives or friends abroad. Once a Tanzanian holds another country’s citizenship example USA, then he or she has the opportunity to send invitation to anyone who is at home to visit abroad. This can also promote cultural education for Tanzanians at home and to the foreign country.
  • Opportunities to use knowledge and skills learned abroad for the benefit of Tanzania development.
  • Access to wider markets with ease, Freedom of movement. Additional investment opportunities. Brain gain to Tanzania and opportunities for International business and entrepreneurships.
  • Access to work and educational opportunities in the two countries. Access to native labor force residing abroad. Access to investments and property ownership in the two countries. Access to financial institutions (Banks, loans, stock investments) in the two countries. Access and influence from another social system. The technology brought from overseas will benefit the entire nation and simplify the living standards of Tanzanian and most of the foreign projects will be supervised by Tanzanians with other citizenships.
  • Ability to transfer wealth of knowledge as, a person with dual citizenship, Be able to utilize recourse required outside the country and use at home.
  • The most important advantage is the smooth integration of cultural values in ways that make sense to Tanzanian at home. There is always a huge culture shock when two cultures clash without a middle ground. Dual citizens would be very helpful middle ground for cultural integration (same as interpreting cultures both ways).to foster better understanding in both countries – for businesses, education and even politics.
  • Tanzanians in the Diaspora that have become US citizens will be more willing to invest in Tanzania. Their financial wealth will stay in Tanzania and will contribute towards the economy of the country. Will encourage Tanzanians living abroad to invest more and more by acquiring foreign loans and invest in Tanzania.


Q3. What are the disadvantages of having dual citizenship for Tanzanians living abroad (outside Tanzania)?

  • Possible to be biased to one of the country that benefits you the most.
  • May be required to register for military services in both countries
  • May end up paying double Taxes.
  • Potential of being considered as unpatriotic.


Q4. What are the disadvantages of having dual citizenship for Tanzania or for Tanzanians living at home (in Tanzania)?

  • There is no disadvantage for Tanzania or Tanzanians living at home.
  • No evidence, from countries allowing dual citizenship, that dual citizenship has negative impact


Q5. Do you perceive Dual Citizenship as a threat to our National Security or otherwise in Tanzania?

  • No


Q6. Please expand on your answer above, whether you said yes, no, or unsure.

  • Dual Citizenship will enhance and enlight the Democracy process in Tanzania and for sure will not compromise the National Security interests of Tanzania.
  • National security is a complex matter. National security is neither enhanced nor is it diminished just because the constitution permits dual citizenship. National security must be viewed on a case by case based on the actions of an individual. Tanzania, because of its standing as a country which strictly protects human rights and justice for all, should avoid labeling and stigmatizing dual citizens as a security threat. Such stigmatization is in itself a national security threat because it misdirects the effort to protect national security to those who are not a threat and therefore allowing the real threat open to propagate.
  • In reference to a natural born Tanzanian requesting for dual citizenship, it is not an issue of national security; I would still be a Tanzanian if I would not have been naturalized elsewhere. For non-Tanzanian wishing to acquire Tanzanian citizenship, it is not an issue since national security threats are there regardless of citizenship. Just have better vetting process and whatever needs to qualify one to obtain the citizenship.


Q7. If not already addressed above, what impact or consequence does having to give up Tanzania’s citizenship (in order to attain one in the host country) have on the Diasporan and his or her family? In answering this question, briefly share your experiences and/or thoughts.

  • Subjected to higher visa fees, subjected to limitation of staying, not allowed to work, cannot vote or own a land, higher fees visiting National Parks. Not able to participate in politics and running for public office. Separation from Family extended family and friends.

    Again, I prefer to look at this matter in a macro level rather than the experience of one individual family. A birth right of citizenship is a birth right for all Tanzanians whether they are now in the Diaspora or in the country. No one knows where the pursuit of life will take him or her tomorrow. The world is very small these days and the pursuit of life can take you anywhere, and it may require one accepting another citizenship away from the motherland. But Tanzania as the motherland still remains the motherland. The major Impact of giving up Tanzanian citizenship is that you are giving up of yourself, your cultural connection, your connection to your ancestors, as well as your grounding and rooting. You don’t acquire these things by becoming a citizen elsewhere. Losing a birth right such as citizenship is like being lost in the wilderness. Everything around you becomes strange and the pursuit of life ceases to make sense because you feel cut-off from those who matter the most to you. Likewise, those dear to your heart because of origination become shaken in disbelief that you no longer belong to them as a matter of ancestral rights, responsibilities, and obligations. This matter must not be looked upon just based on who are in the Diaspora or at home now. It must be looked upon in a long term manner (generations) taking into account the global trend (as well as regional trend) today on the subject of Dual Citizenship.

  • As a researcher in academia, my research work is conducted in Tanzania and benefits a lot of Tanzanians in northern Tanzania. Giving up my Tanzania citizenship will limit me in terms of access to research sites and also from providing direct constructive input into cultural heritage policies in the country.
  • The impact is the fact that the Diasporans family loses sense of belonging to Tanzania country. They may be more likely not open to the thought of investing or owning a property in Tanzania because of losing Tanzanian citizenship. Children born later by these families miss the opportunity to be close to their roots cultural wise because they may end up growing with the mentality that they are not Tanzanians. Therefore may not be able to embrace Tanzanian culture as they grow because they may not be considered as Tanzanians as their parents have accepted citizenship abroad. They will have to request a visa to go to visit their grandparent and families at home. This can be frustrating to the Diasporans.
  • As someone who was born in the early sixties, I consider myself an old-school. I grew up with the love and passion for my Country of which I’m not sure this generation will ever understand what it means to be a Tanzanian, especially during the great leaders of the past. I have been living in the US kept a Green Card for many years without filing for a Citizenship hoping a day will come, our Country will allow Dual-Citizenship. I’m still waiting for that day. Denying my Tanzanian Citizenship to me will be a very difficult decision, one which I will have to live with it for the rest of my life! I love my land, my home, my Country Tanzania!! • Psychological challenges to alienation from your country of origin. There is nothing worse than the feeling of being a stranger in your own Motherland. Certainly, out here we still are regarded as strangers, whether we have citizenship or not.
  • I have been a Green card holder for 15 years and have not pursued citizenship in the United States simply because of fear of losing ownership to my property in Tanzania but I have been unable to apply for certain jobs in US because I am not a citizen which is a disadvantage.

    Having to give up Tanzania citizenship brings separation of the family. When you have children in a host country they do not feel embraced as being Tanzanians. Most western countries try to retain skilled and talented professionals and Tanzania is losing this opportunity.

  • Upon taking the citizenship of another country getting to Tanzania was a hassle at the airport I was detained to give up and produce all Tanzania identity and paid a visa fee to get home as if that was not enough applying for my kids passport I had to prove that not only my parents and my wife are Tanzanians by birth they wanted proof that my grandparents and my wife’s grandparents are Tanzania which they have nothing to do with my kids. I don’t feel compelled to invest in Tanzania not knowing when they will decide you do not belong here and you have to leave the county leaving behind all your hard work of your life it doesn’t feel secure when the constitutional does not support the dual citizenship.
  • It brings a sense of isolation. It also feels like a punishment for just trying to make a living abroad while a great share of remittance to Tanzania comes from the Diaspora.
  • Dual Citizenship is the way for today’s World. To be successful in today’s’ market of diversified culture, and then you need to be flexible to adapt to what the world provide. There is no better way to adopt than being flexible and Dual Citizenship would provide that flexibility!!
  • Dual citizenship is a right to all Tanzanians and not a privilege and as long as our country offers other citizens of different country Tanzanian citizen it should do likewise for its own people.
  • Effective 2015, citizens of Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda will be traveling using a new generation East African Passport, a modern regional traveling document likely to replace their national ones. If that is true, then Tanzanian Diaspora will be at a disadvantage given that Kenya and Uganda allow dual citizenship. Simply put, Kenyan and Ugandan dual citizens will have access to EA passport, while Tanzanian Diaspora won’t! Given the coming EA integration, Tanzanians will do a disservice to their sons and daughters who, for good reasons, decided to acquire citizenship in other countries, while Kenya and Uganda are treating them right.
  • The impact of a shared East African passport is that Tanzanians will share their territorial identity with dual citizens from Kenya and Uganda, while not granting the same rights to their own sons and daughters in the Diaspora. In other words, Kenyan and Ugandan Diaspora will have more rights and access in East Africa than the Tanzanian Diaspora who are denied dual citizenship by the current Tanzanian laws!
  • The constitution is the supreme instrument for protecting the birth rights of its people. Denying dual citizenship is to deny the birth-right of a Tanzanian.
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 Rais Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete akiweka saini kitabu cha maombolezo wakati wa kutoa heshima za mwisho kwa mwili wa Dkt William Mgimwa viwanja vya Karimjee hall jijini Dar es salaam leo january 5, 2014


 Rais Kikwete na Mkewe Mama Salma Kikwete wakitoa heshima zao mwisho kwa mwili wa marehemu Dkt William Mgimwa viwanja vya Karimjee hall jijini Dar es salaam leo january 5, 2014



 Rais Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete akimfariji mjane wa marehemu na familia yake wakati wa kutoa heshima za mwisho kwa mwili wa Dkt William Mgimwa viwanja vya Karimjee hall jijini Dar es salaam leo january 5, 2014.


Viongozi mbali mbali wa Serikali wakiwa wamebeba sanduku lenye mwili wa marehemu Dkt William Mgimwa  kwenye  viwanja vya Karimjee hall jijini Dar es salaam leo january 5, 2014 tayari kwa kusafirishwa kuelekea mkoani Iringa ambako ndiko mazishi yake yatafanyika.PICHA NA IKULU

21 February 2014 In Blog




A 28-year-old woman from Tanzania was arrested at Macau airport as the security found over 1.1kg of heroin (valued at over 1.1 million pataca) in her body, which would be smuggled to S China's Guangzhou city. This is the third case this year involving drug traffickers of Tanzania nationality.

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Wema Isaac Sepetu.

Wema Isaac Sepetu.

Stori: Oscar Ndauka na Richard Manyota
NI kweli hakuna marefu yasiyokuwa na ncha? Kama ni kweli, basi ile jeuri ya fedha ya Miss Tanzania mwaka 2006 ambaye pia hufanya vyema kwenye gemu la sinema za Kibongo, Wema Isaac Sepetu inadaiwa imefikia nchani, Risasi Mchanganyiko limepashwa ‘ei tu zedi’.

Wema Isaac Sepetu.




Baadhi ya magari anayomiliki Wema.

Kwa mujibu wa chanzo makini, hali ya kifedha ya staa huyo si nzuri kiasi kwamba kwa sasa amekuwa mtu wa kushinda ndani kwa kuwa hana mpunga unaomuwezesha kwenda kujirusha kama zamani.
Chanzo kilidai kwamba, binadamu aliyekuwa akimmwagia manoti staa huyo aliyetajwa kwa jina moja la Clement ambaye ni mwajiriwa wa Ikulu jijini Dar, yu hoi kwa kipato baada ya kunyofolewa kwenye kitengo kilichokuwa na uwezeshaji mwingi wa fedha.
Wema akiwa ofisini kwake.
Inadaiwa kuwa, baada ya Clement ambaye ni mume wa mtu, kuondolewa kwenye kitengo hicho amepelekwa sehemu nyingine ambayo mchana kutwa ni kupiga miayo mpaka muda wa kutoka kazini.
Katika madai hayo, inasemekana mke wa Clement (jina tunalo) ana mkono wa kile kilichompata mumewe, kuondolewa kwenye kitengo chenye ulaji na pia amekuwa akiwawinda wawili hao ili awafanyie fumanizi kwa sababu Clement ni mumewe wa ndoa.
Wema akiwa ndani ya nyumba aliyodai yake.

Chanzo kikaendelea: “Baada ya kuondolewa kwenye sehemu yenye fedha na kutupwa kwenye ukame, jamaa akaanza kupata tabu kwani fedha alizokuwa akimpa Wema zamani zikawa hazipo.
“Hilo likamwathiri na Wema mwenyewe kwani ile jeuri mliyokuwa mnamuona nayo akiifanya kwa rungu la fedha, mara sherehe, mara kumlipia Kajala (Masanja) makahamani (Kisutu), mara kwenda baa na wapambe imekatika ghafla.
“Siku hizi Wema ndani na yeye, yeye na ndani. Naamini hata mkienda kwake muda huu (juzi Jumatatu saa 5 asubuhi) mtamkuta.”

Habari zaidi kutoka chanzo hicho, hali ilipozidi kubana sana, Wema aliamua kuuza magari mawili kati ya matatu anayomiliki ili apate fedha za kuendelea kujikimu katika maisha ya kila siku.
Magari hayo mawili yanasemekana ni Toyota Mark II GX 110 na Toyota Harrier na kubakiwa na Audi Q7.

Habari zinazidi kudai kwamba hali ikazidi kuwa mbaya kwa Clement kiasi kwamba alijikuta akikabwa koo na benki moja ya jijini Dar es Salaam ambayo aliiomba mkopo wa Shilingi mil. 120 akitumia hati ya nyumba ambayo pia si yake.

Benki hiyo ilipozidi kumbana, mkewe (sasa wametengana) ambaye naye anadaiwa kuwa ‘mzuri’ kwenye fedha alikwenda kulipa fedha hizo benki ili nyumba ya watu isinadiwe na benki hiyo iliyokuwa haitaki mambo ya utani kwenye marejesho.
Madai mengine ambayo hayajathibitishwa yanasema kuwa, mtikisiko huo wa kifedha kwa Clement umesababisha awe ‘choka mbaya’ kiasi cha sasa kuanza kupiga mizinga kwa rafiki zake.

Baada ya kupokea ishu hiyo, Risasi Mchanganyiko liliamua kumsaka Wema ili aseme lolote kuhusiana na tuhuma hizo.
Saa 4:32 Wema alipigiwa simu yake ya mkononi ambayo iliita kwa muda mrefu bila kupokelewa hata pale iliporudiwa tena na tena.
Baada ya jitihada hizo kugonga mwamba, gazeti hili liliamua kumwendea hewani meneja wake Martin Kadinda ambaye naye hakupokea simu licha ya kupigiwa zaidi ya mara tatu.

Risasi Mchanganyiko halikukata tamaa, kwani ni haki ya msingi kwa Wema kuongelea suala hilo. Likampigia msaidizi wake wa karibu anayeitwa Pat Man, yeye alipokea, akaulizwa kuhusu bosi wake huyo, akasema:
“Wema anaumwa (hakutaja ugonjwa), ametoka hospitali sasa hivi  (hakusema hospitali gani) yuko nyumbani.”
Mapaparazi wetu wakafunga safari kutoka Bamaga – Mwenge, Dar yalipo Makao Makuu ya Nyumba ya Magazeti Pendwa Bongo, Global Publishers hadi nyumbani kwa Wema - Makumbusho (lakini ni Kijitonyama).

Getini alikutwa mlinzi mahiri kwa mwonekano ambapo alipoombwa kumwita Wema au kumwambia kuna waandishi wa Global wapo nje, alisema:
“Mh! Kwa kweli si rahisi kutoka, amelala anaumwa... alikwenda hospitali amerudi muda si mrefu.”
Alipochombezwa kwa maneno ya ‘kisiasa’ kwamba awaambie wasaidizi wake wa ndani wakamwamshe, alikataa akisema litazuka timbwili ambalo yeye hakuwa tayari kuliona.
“Bosi akilala huwa hapendi kuamshwa, hasa kama hayuko sawa. Watu wanaomwamsha ni wale wenye ahadi naye,” alisema mlinzi huyo.

Baada ya kuondoka nyumbani kwa Wema, Risasi Mchanganyiko lilimtumia ujumbe mfupi (SMS) ‘mreeefu’ wenye madai yote na ikaonesha ‘delivered’ kwenye simu ya Wema, lakini pia haikujibiwa.

Simu yake haikuwa ikipatikana hewani alipopigiwa ili na yeye apewe nafasi ya kusema lolote kuhusu sakata hilo.

Risasi Mchanganyiko liliamua kumsaka kwa simu ya mkononi mke wa Clement ambapo alipopokea na kusomewa mashitaka ya mumewe na nafasi yake kama shahidi muhimu alikiri hali ya jamaa kuwa tete kimfuko.
“Kuhusu hilo la nyumba ni kweli ilikuwa inadaiwa na benki (aliitaja jina) na walitaka kuinadi ili wapate fedha zao, lakini nikaingilia kati ili kulinda heshima ya familia.

“Unajua ile nyumba kuna mtu alituuzia, kwa hiyo Clement alitoa kiasi cha fedha lakini hakumalizia na akatumia hati ya nyumba kwenda kuombea huo mkopo. Kwa sababu benki walikuja juu nilitafuta mtu akainunua, kiasi cha fedha nikammalizia aliyetuuzia na kulipa benki,” alisema mwanamke huyo.

Huyu hapa mke wa Clement: “Hilo si kweli bwana. Kwanza mimi ndiyo nilimfikisha pale alipofika. Sasa mtu nimuinue mwenyewe nitamfanyiaje fitina?
“Kwanza mimi siko naye siku hizi. Nilipoona anachukua magari ya nyumbani na kuyapeleka huko kwa nani sijui (Wema) nikaamua kukaa pembeni na kunyamaza kimya.
“Kama ni mabalaa anayapata hukohuko aliko, nisisingiziwe mimi kwa lolote lile.”

“Aaa wapi! Nimwandalie fumanizi la nini? Yeye ana maisha yake mengine mimi niko na mambo yangu, muda huo sina kabisa, yaani niko bize sana,” alisema mwanamke huyo huku akidai muda huo alikuwa akidraivu.

Wiki mbili zilizopita, gazeti damu moja na hili, Ijumaa Wikienda liliandika katika ukurasa wake wa mbele habari yenye kichwa; MAGARI YA WEMA YAGEUZWA GESTI.
Katika habari hiyo, Wema alidaiwa kumtimua kazi prodyuza wake katika Kampuni ya Endless Fame, Rashid Mohammed ‘Chid Classic’ kwa sababu ya kumtuhumu kufanya ufuska kwenye magari yake maeneo ya Ufukwe wa Coco, Dar.

Siku chache mbele, prodyuza huyo alifunguka katika gazeti lingine pendwa ndani ya mjengo, Amani kuwa, Wema ‘amechoka’ siku hizi, halipi mishahara wafanyakazi wake na alitaka yeye awe kuwadi ndiyo wangeendana jambo ambalo yeye hakuwa tayari.
Baadhi ya habari zilizowahi kuandikwa na magazeti ya GPL kuhusu jeuri ya fedha ya Wema.

Yapo madai kuwa, kutokana na maswahibu hayo ya kuwa kwenye wakati mgumu kifedha, kampuni yake imeanza kudoda na mbaya zaidi, marafiki zake anaokuwa nao kwenye raha, wamemkacha na kumwacha akihangaika mwenyewe.
“Msiniandike gazetini lakini ukweli ni kuwa, huu ndiyo wakati wake wa kujifunza kuchagua marafiki. Ona sasa, wale wote aliokuwa akila nao raha, wamekaa pembeni. Ni tatizo sawa, lakini pia ni funzo kwa upande mwingine,” alisema mpambe mmoja anayefanya naye kazi kwa karibu sana.

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